Hyundai Mobis Develops Inter-Seat Airbag to Prevent Head Injuries Between Passengers

"The variety of active safety devices that may stop accidents, for example

Active BSD, LKAS and AEB, can be increasing, but the importance of

classic safety devices similar to airbags along with safety belts has not

decreased," said Hyundai Mobis. "The growth along with development of the particular inter-seat

airbag will enable us to gain any competitive edge within the global market,

and also transform ourselves from becoming a Fast Follower right directly into a Global Leader."

Pertaining To example, when a large 1,350kg car collides in to the driver's side from

a new speed associated with 50km/h, the actual Head Injury Criterion (HIC) for your head of the

passenger far from your get in touch with point is actually 1,700~1900, two or perhaps 3 x

higher compared to HIC with the driver, that is 600~800. HIC 1,000, a new Euro

safety standard, corresponds to a serious injury, e.g. the particular fracture as sociated with

the skull.

Also, Hyundai Mobis is most about to accomplish the development of your

technology for that 'dual mode' for the collision between the driver and also

the passenger, as well as the 'single mode' for your lateral collision in case

the actual driver can be by yourself inside the car. Although the driver may end up being by yourself throughout

the actual car, if there can be a sufficiently strong enough collision from your right-hand side,

the driver will be thrown in direction of the actual passenger's seat because of to inertia.

at this time, the driver will bump his/her head contrary in order to the thrusting

get throughout touch with surface in a amount of occasions. Consequently it can be also important to address

the particular single mode. Regarding this reason, Euro NCAP continues to end up being able to be thinking about

undergoing collision safety evaluations via 2020 together with respect towards the

single mode.

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hyundai

Mobis (KRX 012330) announced which it completed the creation of an

inter-seat airbag, which in turn decreases head injuries for you to passengers by simply much more

compared to 80% during a lateral collision.

Thanks to the growth and also development of this airbag, Hyundai Mobis went a stride further

through preventing primary damages thanks to a external collision and also can now

secure the most safety of passengers through preventing an interior

collision among passengers credited to always be able to inertia. Throughout particular, since the

airbags can now encase individual passengers depending in accident

types, safety elements are expected to become enhanced to a fantastic extent.

An inter-seat airbag is basically intended to always be able to protect passengers about the

opposite side in the make contact with point. Within case of your lateral collision, the

passenger near the get throughout touch with point could be protected through the curtain airbag

or the aspect airbag, nevertheless the person subsequent to always be able to him/her may sustain any

critical injury as he/she bumps their own head contrary to end up being able to the other passenger's

shoulder or head, or the seat thanks to inertia. While these kinds associated with cases

are already continuously reported, the particular European automotive safety

evaluation program, Euro NCAP, stated back again in 2014 that it strong ly

recommends inter-seat airbags.

Throughout particular, Hyundai

Mobis has determined to introduce an integrated technology with regard to addressing

both collision modes, i.e. single and also dual, with a single inter-seat

airbag module. Unlike competitors that reply for the single and dual

mode with respective airbags, Hyundai Mobis can be planning in order to integrate the particular

2 modes together with 1 module along with differentiate itself via global

competition through greatly enhancing the particular technology degree and cost


The Particular inter-seat airbag, developed by Hyundai Mobis, decreases the Head

Injury Criterion (HIC) sustained from the head with the passenger in the

same scenario by greater than 80% to become able to concerning HIC 300. While your inter-seat

airbag installed towards the correct of the driver's seat is deployed, your head
< br>in the passenger contacts the particular airbag cushion, not necessarily the particular driver's shoulder,

and the passenger receives a immediate effect which will trigger just a light

abrasion. This can easily be much lower when compared with HIC 500, Euro NCAP's best safety level,

and also safer compared to always be able to those regarding global competitors.


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